Friday, October 9, 2009

Ye verily ye.

Preacher Penalt
Originally posted in April, y2k, Penalt was fully formed in my mind. Not only as the companion to Mamid(me), but as an antagonist to Whitey. Whitey is a Mac user. Penalt is Windows. Mamid is a dual booter Windows/Mandrake at that point. Penalt, if I had kept on going with the strip instead of taking a break, would have slowly learned the joys of Linux. Whitey and Penalt were friends with Penalt constantly beating Whitey at all the games the two of them could play together - mainly, Moo3.

Penalt would, and still does, rants about offering one's wallet to Redmond and to remember to do your "Hail Bills" in a timely manner. I had him envisioned as a priest of Gates learning how wrong Windows actually is. Penalt is planning on joining the "skeptics club" with the Unbuntu Loco.