Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I got sick in October. Badly sick. So bad that I'm still recovering. I lost all my energy and couldn't keep anything down. In November, I started to recover.In December, I won a court case if won means I got at least some of what I wanted. including mobility. The judge had warned them that I could go to Supreme court if I wanted to and had a good case. They settled.

It took me a while to figure out how to use my scooter. I'm still learning. You should see the dents on it. I call it my Tardis - Transit and Relative Diversions in Scooting.

It came in useful. Very useful. My youngest loves sitting at my feet and the other two, if she's not with us, will sit there instead. Mobility - what a concept.

After all, there was this major party in February that lasted 18 days... We Pwned hockey!


Arlene C. Harris said...

hey, mamid! Found this link over at Colleen's blog. Hope you don't mind I am now stalking you. Or following. Or whatever they call it ;-) Look forward to seeing more of your stuff!

btw (didn't want to mention on other blog): anytime you want info on the current *cough* goings on, email me. And bring popcorn :-)

Mamid said...

That's the problem... I love *cough*'s main series. Loved it dearly as a child, still love it as an adult, but only the main stuff done only by *cough* not by any of their other writers or artists they have had over the years even though it was supposed to be from the same story arc. But reading it today, I feel like I need to be at most a grade 3 level to read it, not something more towards college level that Colleen does.

Shame really - they had a good thing and I think it bust because they made some wrong decisions.

Mamid said...

and I can't email you - for some reason blogger won't let me...