Thursday, September 24, 2009

In response to Windows 7

Until my arm stops hurting, or I start taking the art course I signed up for, I am doing more repeats, and not necessarily every day. I am using a dual Ubuntu/Vista laptop. My kids love GCompris and Child's Play. I run this blog mostly from the Vista side at the moment because there are two small problems with Ubuntu that need to be fixed. I noticed that my CPU runs about 118F or higher in Vista, but only about 105F in Ubuntu even when running WOW through Wine.
In response to all those who are planning on hosting Windows 7 parties - not that I think there really are, but there's a stupid Youtube video about how to host one - I present the day I was offered a G4.
Whitewings (Whitey/Marc) offered to get me a G4 if I switched to Mac. I never did.

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