Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ubuntu for our kids' school(s)

Our kids are going to a school in a province where the education and charities had their budgets cut by $77 Million. I did a quick demo to the principal, with my eldest's help (grade 2) and he's convinced. The problem is convincing the school board and the IT guys, and you know how those types are. If it isn't from M$ it isn't any good. The school is about to toss a pallet loaded with PCs and iMacs because they are "too old." They could just a easily recycle them into Ubuntu and save $$$$$$ and give those computers several more years before they have to be changed over. I could use all the resources I can get to do a presentation or proposal to the school board. Can you gurus help?


Randall said...

Let's make this a topic of discussion at the next meeting of Ubuntu Vancouver. We should be able to find a few people to help make the pitch.

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Larry Reid said...

I second the motion. I want to do the same at Hastings Elementary in Vancouver. Let's join forces.