Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Volunteer

I used to work for a metis group if you define "work" as "volunteer" and "pay" as "random honorarium." I had two bosses, one cool one who was very business like and another one who I thought we were friends because he recommended me for the job, but turned out all we did in the end was butt heads.
He also wasn't that bright. He once grabbed a webpage, hit "view source code" and spent the next hour "editing" it and when he saved it, it didn't change. I got yelled at by him for snickering. So I handled his anger by drawing. These are dated, but I'm not worrying about putting the strips in order.
Editing via view
"LC" forgot his password to his computer and expected me, the only tech savy person there, (if we equate "tech savy" with someone who could write webpages in notepad, use a scanner, troubleshoot a printer, type a minimum of 70wpm {I can't be tested for it} and had a buddy tutoring some of the finer points of the art of the techy) to find it for him. It wasn't on his little post-it he kept by his desk and when routing around in his computer, I found that what he was using to login with wasn't the right combo and it explained why he was having problems printing or connecting with the network. I told him to contact the tech who set up the system but he just yelled at me instead.
Coffee, cd, what's the difference?
Yes, I caught him attempting to do the coffee cup maneuver once. It was an install cd, not the drive.
one of the other girls
I was planning on fleshing the personalities out a bit more. One was very kind, one was selfish and seemed to be the accountant, and one just didn't seem to really do any work. They were all paid from what I understood (they got paycheques) and I was the volunteer who got a bus pass and occasionally my lunch paid for.
"Katie" was the only one who actually seemed to do work. She was constantly answering the phone, doing reports and more.

Where was I?
I was doing job resumes for walk in clients, bouncing from a networked computer to another computer to do a newsletter (that was constantly getting stuff added to it - 2 pages turned out to be 20 and I had to whittle it down to about 6 ), running errands, answering the phone and more. I would have enjoyed sitting down and doing dream catchers with them. Their reasoning was that "someone" (me) had to be actually working just in case a client came in and to stand watch in case the big boss came back. I watched the three of them get out the supplies and not even ask me if I wanted to join them. My revenge? I got to tell the big boss (not LC) that the women were goofing off instead of working and from then on, my cross stitch came with me. If they were goofing off, I was going to goof off too.
Flame Mail
I had access to my email depending on the computer and there was at least two flame wars on at any given time. What do metis use for flame wars? Flaming arrows of course.
Bored tech friend
The friend that was tutoring me (and still gives me advice all these years later) followed the ip from an email I sent and traced it back to the office. The network went down for some unknown reason. I checked the logs and laughed.
Not My Job Description
I got voluntelled for all sorts of jobs, including babysitting.
The job went south. LC and I got into a huge argument, and I only went back long enough to grab my coat and my cup that LC was using as a sugar holder. It was good while it lasted. I refuse to put it in my job experience. Somethings are just better forgotten. An hour and a half round trip each way to get to and from the job burnt me out. LC and I just couldn't get along and it was better if I didn't work there anymore. A few years later I went back and the office was long gone and from what I understand, it is closed now.

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